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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Safety

ANSI A92 & CSA B354 Standards - New MEWP Standards to Go Into Effect in North America

Changes to North American standards (ANSI A92 in the United States and CSA B354 in Canada) are coming – ANSI A92 will go into effect in December 2019, (CSA B354 was published May 2017) and these changes will create a new "normal" for mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), formerly known as aerial work platforms (AWPs), worldwide.

From a manufacturer’s perspective, here’s what rental stores and MEWP operators need to know about the new standards to be introduced soon:

  • You should be prepared for changes to the design of all MEWPs that are introduced in 2019 and beyond. All aerial lift manufacturers, including Genie, must comply with these new standards.
  • The new standards more closely align North American standards requirements with current ISO standards. These new standards dictate how aerial equipment manufacturers serving the North American market, including Genie and its competitors, address wind ratings, chassis angle, and load capacity on MEWPs.

To prepare for these standards changes, Genie has been proactively working on a response to implementing the new requirements in its products and practices worldwide. It is important for you to know how Genie is responding to these changes.

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